is a unique effort to bring together all stakeholders of the sesame industry - producers, processors, buyers, by-product users, technology, logistics, banks, governmental agencies and retail packers. The key to this effort is the role of information and knowledge, which we intend to build through your cooperation and our in-house research. is an initiative of Eventell Global Solutions Private Limited. Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, also owned by Eventell is established in 1996, a Bangalore based commodity research and advisory firm. Foretell assists firms in commodity businesses in price risk management, procurement/sourcing and market intelligence. Foretell organizes path breaking conventions to bring together industry participant to seek, share, network and grow business.

In its effort to offer path breaking research, advisory and publications, Foretell has ventured into various commodity verticals like Cashew, Spices & Precious Metals. Some of the most recognized services of Eventell are serviced under,,,

We have been successful in creating & building conference platforms since 2004, which enables industry to come under a common platform to meet, discuss and conduct business. Some of the conferences organised by Foretell are World Cashew Convention, India International Gold Convention, Asia Precious Metals Conference, Global Gold Dore Forum & World Sesame Convention.

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